SYNOPSIS: Workers Compensation Premium Audits

What is it? A five-year look-back, in-depth audit of all payment-related documentation related to workers compensation insurance premiums

What’s the benefit? 70% of the time overpayments are found, and refunded

Who is it for? Any business that has a high (>$50K/yr) work comp premium; i.e. manufacturers, contractors, trades, medical facilities

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Workers Compensation Insurance, the necessary evil...

Workers Comensation insurance...the bane of business...the necessary evil...the bill we HATE to pay each month, but without it we're unprotected.

We perform a comprehensive Workers Compensation insurance premium audit...like everything else we do, we do it on a contingency basis. We look back an unbelievable seven years and we find overcharges that range from 5% to a whopping 200% of your annual premium. We make sure that every stone is turned over to ensure that you are paying the correct premium.

We look at employee classification, premium mods, loss-runs and a myriad of other factors..

You are too busy [hopefully] making money to deal with this. Our expert team of Workers Comp insurance specialists has been doing these audits for twenty plus years and we know where the booby traps are.

We dig through thirty five documents, and forty indices for each premium year of the last five or seven. We'll find a refund or a credit for three quarters of you. And, if we can't find you a benefit, our work is gratis. There is no better deal.

Trust us to help you. Hire back a couple of those employees with the money we find you.


All of our savings and incentive programs bolster your bottom line, but programs such as the Virtual Payments Accounts Payable Solution actually create additional income by capturing rebates for your company, as you would, personally, with your own rewards credit cards. 


You can calculate yourself what a single dollar of cost-savings represents in relation to generation of your front-end revenue. We often find thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars of cost savings with a myriad of our contingency-based, unique programs. Give us a try.

HELLO - WE FIND Tax Incentives

Our Tax Incentive Team of expert engineers, attorneys and accountants does only one thing…tax incentives. They are expert at it, have the studies perfected, and find millions of dollars of "hidden" tax incentive money for our clients every year.

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Apropos Communications, Inc.

Apropos Communications, Inc., DBA "We Find Hidden Money" is a ten-year-old Cost-Recovery Consultancy, incorporated in California in 2013, and part of a resource-rich collective of Consultant Advisors across the United States