SYNOPSIS: Copier/Printer Leasing Audit

What is it? Similar to our credit card merchant processing fee audit, done by an agnostic 3rd party industry expert to find areas of opportunity for savings

What’s the benefit? Savings run an average of $10K/industrial machine lease

Who is it for? Anyone who leases commercial copier/printers; businesses, charities, faith-based, schools, etc.

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A staggering 98% of businesses that lease copiers and printers are overpaying on their leases...

We have been successful in saving businesses an average of 57% on their copier leasing and document costs.

The average savings produced is $10,000 per copier, which can be calculated as follows: (monthly lease cost * total months in lease contract) * 0.570

Example: $300 per month * 60 months = $18,000

$18,000 * 0.570 = $10,260 savings

Have you ever had an actual print audit performed to determine your exact cost-per-user including daily expenses plus machines? The results will surprise you (and in a good way that can increase your profits).

You might be paying at least 2X more than you should for your document flow. Hidden expenses add up to significant savings. 

Find out your exact cost-per-user for free.


All of our savings and incentive programs bolster your bottom line, but programs such as the Virtual Payments Accounts Payable Solution actually create additional income by capturing rebates for your company, as you would, personally, with your own rewards credit cards. 


You can calculate yourself what a single dollar of cost-savings represents in relation to generation of your front-end revenue. We often find thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars of cost savings with a myriad of our contingency-based, unique programs. Give us a try.

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Our Tax Incentive Team of expert engineers, attorneys and accountants does only one thing…tax incentives. They are expert at it, have the studies perfected, and find millions of dollars of "hidden" tax incentive money for our clients every year.

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Apropos Communications, Inc.

Apropos Communications, Inc., DBA "We Find Hidden Money" is a ten-year-old Cost-Recovery Consultancy, incorporated in California in 2013, and part of a resource-rich collective of Consultant Advisors across the United States