SYNOPSIS: Class Action Settlement Distributions

What is it? As a result of [successful] class action litigations against companies, settlement monies are allocated for those affected financially or physically

What’s the benefit? You may be entitled to substantial remuneration 

Who is it for? Anyone/any organization that purchases products or services

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Most U.S. and Canadian businesses are eligible to participate in one or more of the current active antitrust or consumer class actions. In fact, to most folks' surprise, there are literally dozens of class actions happening at any one time.

FRS, with which we are affiliated, is an asset recovery firm that specializes in class action settlement claims consulting, manages the claims of many large companies, including many in the “Fortune 1,000.” They track all of the major antitrust class action lawsuits that may bring substantial recoveries to our clients. They are not class counsel or a claims administrator.

We work hard with FRS to ensure that our clients receive their maximum settlement recoveries. Our expertise is in forensically building your claim because many, if not most, of these class action settlements are for covered periods that long exceed the federal government's requirements for maintaining receipts or other documentation. You are not only eligible to receive money from these settlements...this is money due to you.

I remember once getting a settlement check of $0.72 for a Netflix settlement. That is not the kind of case that we would bring to your attention; penny recoveries are a waste of your time and ours. FRS has more than thirty full-time employees dedicated to class action settlement claims; they don't keep their lights on by filing for penny recoveries. For example, FRS recovered more than $62 million for their clients from the LCD Indirect Purchaser Class Action Settlement that focused on LCD flat screen television and computer monitors.

At this time, we're working with FRS on a number of large settlements that include CRT products (the old style TVs and computer monitors), Polyfoam products (padded furniture, mattresses, pillows, and carpet padding), and LCD products in the states of Illinois and Washington (TVs and computer monitors). Actually, there are many more products that are the subject of current class actions: lithium batteries, computer memory, automotive sheet metal, and on and on. Drop us an email so that we may send you a list of class actions that are relevant to you.

Our “M.O.” is for you to retain FRS through an exclusive multi-year agreement; yet, we will only advise you of those class action settlements that we believe have value to you, and will only file claims for you if you want us to do so. Again, this is truly found money. When you get the checks, you'll be happy you enlisted us to manage your claims.

Call us with any questions you have about these class action settlements.

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