SYNOPSIS: Credit Card Merchant Processing Fee Audit

What is it? An agnostic 3rd party audit of a merchant’s credit card processing fees, reducing fees without changing processors

What’s the benefit? Potential of significant reduction of processing fees

Who is it for? Any merchant not subject to franchise credit card processing requirements, and processes more than $300K/year in credit card payments

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Are you being treated fairly by your merchant processor?

We can assure you that 93% of you are not!

How can we be so sure? Our credit card banking experts average 20 years in the trade. We have data to back it up.

Plain and simple, VISA and Mastercard have 200 pages of miscellaneous charges...many are tiny fractions of a penny per transaction. There are about 25 fees per page of this credit card bible.

Most businesses have tried switching their credit card processor for lower fees only to find that within six months they’re back paying at the same level they were with the previous carrier. We analyze the business’ merchant services account, and work with their current credit card processing provider to lower the processing fees. To insure the business’ fees do not rise we carefully monitor their account every month for three years and constantly recover any overcharges.

These fees add up and will cause you to pay fees that are unjust. Interchange fees are what we know how to fight...and we are successful once we find the overcharges, and we do that 99% of the time.

The evaluation is free and all we need is your most recent VISA/Mastercard statement. It will take just a couple of days to do our initial research. We'll report back to you and let you know if you're being treated fairly (the 7% of you lucky merchants), or that you're being overcharged...that would be the rest of the 93% of you.

Once we establish you're in need of our help, you'll put us to work and we will get those fees reduced to a fair level...all on a gain-share basis. Again, if there is no refund or savings, there is no fee.

This is, without a doubt, found money. 


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