SYNOPSIS: A/I For Your Parcels & LTL Shipments

What is it? A multi-carrier, enterprise platform with shipping logic software utilizing artificial intelligence to determine how best a package/packages should be shipped to optimize both cost and quality of service. Includes both parcel and LTL shipments on all carriers

What’s the benefit? Tremendous cost of shipping savings, while maintaining, or improving, level of service

Who is it for? Businesses that ship an average of more than 200 packages a day OR spend more than $300,000/year in domestic shipping

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Although a company's shipping costs may consume five to ten percent of their annual revenue, few companies have the time or tools to effectively manage this expense. Shipping carriers have made this process unnecessarily complex, leading to overspending on shipping and a competitive disadvantage.

We've changed the game… introducing a cutting-edge shipping execution platform, at no cost to our clients who qualify, combined with exclusive rates and cost savings strategies that they cannot find anywhere else. Our system doesn't simply print labels, it's a completely automated, multi-carrier shipping technology that continuously optimizes your shipments to identify savings opportunities within your small parcel and LTL shipments. You can keep your current carriers and load them right into our shipping platform.

Our proprietary software, combined with over two hundred million parcels shipped annually, through more than twenty thousand clients, gives you access to rates that companies can only dream of. By using our software, our clients see anywhere from 15% to 40% savings on their shipping spend while enjoying a more efficient and streamlined workflow process in their shipping operations.

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