It's simple, it's risk-free...Our Process

Our process is really quite simple. We come to you to learn about your business. The initial meeting will take less than thirty minutes. If you are remote, we'll do a WebEx® for you.

We'll assess the programs we believe your company is eligible for. You'll put us to work and then we'll determine exactly how much money we can find for you. If there's nothing available, you owe us nothing!

"We have a CPA...we're all set!"

Not so...CPAs specialize in protecting your business and ensuring you're in financial compliance with the law. They will optimize the overall financial picture of your business. CPAs might offer a few of the programs we offer...we hope they do, but this is our expertise. We look at hundreds of available programs...that's all we do. And, we'll work with your own CPA to ensure you get the maximum benefit.

For more info or a free assessment of your business, call: 323-309-7225 or write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.