I want it overnight...no, I want it now... wait, how much was that??

We've come to love and rely on our friends at FedEx and UPS. Our UPS guy Frank, who delivers to our office, is almost like a member of our family...comes by daily, drops off a package, pets our puppy, leaves a note from time to time, somtimes even gives the puppy a treat...we love him. 

Anyway, as much as you love and trust our friends at these two mega-companies, they do drop the ball from time to time...generally 10%(ish) of the time. This is a surprising fact to most folks.

Both companies charge a myriad of miscellaneous fees for various types of deliveries...residential, commercial, etc. it's a mess and to say the least confusing and daunting. And, did you know that if they miss a promised (contractural) delivery time frame, they owe you money?

You are due a refund if they miss their window or make an error...One small catch...you have to request that money back!

So, in steps the BizAddicts of Apropos Communications...

We'll take your monthly (sometimes weekly) statements and run them through our systems and we'll find out where the errors in billing are. This is an incredibly complex operation...designed and built by long-time veterans of the shipping industry.

Just as every other service we provide, we audit the bills on contingency, and we gain share. Call us.

Anyway, we love you John...you rock. Mocha says; "Arf."

For more info or a free assessment of your business, call: 323-309-7225 or write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.