Your opportunities are staggering...

OK, so money doesn't really grow on trees...BUT, one of the areas that most employers miss to get incredible tax benefits is in the area of Hiring Incentives. Don't leave this money on the table.

We keep up to date on hundreds of federal, state, local and private sources of hiring incentives. For instance, if you do business in downtown Los Angeles in the "Financial District," you cannot only benefit with federal hiring incentives, you can get additional hiring incentives from the city!

We'll find those benefits for you, wherever they come from and we'll ensure that each and every employee you hire is pre-screened so that you get the benefits you're due...each and every time you hire.

"We have an HR person...we're all set."

Professional HR folks are invaluable, but they cannot possibly keep up with the incentives that come from the feds, the state, the city and private sources. However, we do. Our expert team will find every Hiring Benefit you qualify for and greatly improve your tax situation...each and every year. For Example, we track and admisinister the federal Workers Opportunity Tax Credit...affectionately called rewards you for hiring.

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